Frequently asked Question’s

Why should I believe in Astrology?

One should only believe in whatever his conscience agrees with. Astrology on one hand is a deep and intricate topic. It  lets one know of the future including any hurdles and obstacles. Your Horoscope is more like a blueprint or a road-map – that was set at the time you were born. Every person has a different roap map and a path to take. Each planet’s placement in your Horoscope reveals about your personality, characteristics, nature and destiny.ngs.

How does Astrology Works?

Astrology is the science of stars, and is based on the belief that the position of the planets and stars in the sky influences human life. Like any other profession, the accuracy of this task depends on the astrologer or the person performing it. Any failure in predictions could be because the practitioner is wrongly interpreting or has been given incomplete and wrong birth information (date and time). After all, predictions are based on mathematical calculations and not any magic.

What is a Horoscope?

The actual word ‘horoscope’ is derived from the Latin combination of two words in which ‘Horo’ means hour and ‘Scope’ means view, so it is a ‘view of the hour.’ As astrologers, we refer to the horoscope as the astrological chart of a person or a moment in time, which is calculated from the planetary positions and are hugely based on the date, place and time of birth. That’s why a horoscope is so personal to every individual.

How are predictions made?

Your fortunes and the events in your life change as your paths change and as the position of the planets change as well. We analyse the position of the  9 planets in relation to the twelve houses of the chart, according to the person’s time of birth, at the present time and according to the events in their past, present and future.

What is Chakra?

A chakra is an energy center in the human body that receives, processes and transmits information about particular aspects of being and experience.   The Sanskrit word “chakra” literally means “wheel,” which is the perfect name for these energy waves since they rotate in a circular motion.

How do Chakras affect my life?

Every chakras affects every single aspect of one’s life.  Just as our DNA holds our biological blueprint – our chakras hold our energetic blueprint. If there is any area of our life we’d like to improve, then our chakras can help us greatly.

Where are my chakras located?

1st Chakra:  Tip of the tailbone/perineum area 2nd Chakra:  Pelvis/sacrum 3rd Chakra:  Solar Plexus 4th Chakra: HeartCenter 5th Chakra:  Throat 6th Chakra:  Above and between the brows 7th Chakra:  Above the crown

If one chakra is blocked, does it affect others?

Yes, it’s important to remember that your chakras work hand in hand.  They are tied like a tight knot with the main energy currents flowing in your body. A blocked chakra can directly affect the chakras all over the body, since the flow to the next chakra is affected. One needs to think of the chakras as a system like any other system in your body.  While you may choose to focus on a particular chakra, you still need to consider that chakra’s position to the other chakras.

How do chakras control my health and well-being?

Chakras are just like power plants that supply energy from the environment to vital organs of the body. Chakras carry out some very important functions. They digest and distribute energy to different parts of the body which helps it to keep going. They also control and energize various glands. When the chakras malfunction, the vital organs are affected because they do not have enough life energy to operate, thus affecting the health and well-being of a person.

How will I know if there is a problem with my chakras?

When your chakras are balanced, energy flows effortlessly. One will enjoy the best physical, emotional and spiritual health and well being. You experience joy and happiness, you will have a peaceful mind, you will feel safe, you will enjoy a good financial status and well defined career with  happy relationships and a cured physical body. If not, then one or several of your chakras are out of balance.

How does Chakra Healing work?

Chakra healing is the process of making chakras function properly by clearing the blockades in them and perfectly aligning the energies of the human body which making sure they work together in harmony and bring happiness to you.